Our aim is to make every function memorable...

…so like any good recipe to success we first ensure the highest quality ‘ingredients’ and focus on having the very best staff available. Whether coordinating the event, taking an order, washing pots or cooking meals for guests, our team strive to deliver excellent service and experiences from end to end for you.



Chris is the CEO of Australian Catering Services (ACS). ACS is a family owned business that began trading in 2004 as Wok on Catering. Leading a team of ten fulltime and up to 50 casual staff Chris’ team delivers events for corporate and private clients across South East Queensland.

With over 24 years of events and hospitality experience, Chris brings a broad range of skills in planning, staff management and event delivery to the table. Past events include V8 Supercars, the National Rugby League, and a wide range of corporate and offsite events.

Chris is an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and a Member of the Qld State Council of the Restaurant & Catering Association of Australia. Chris holds a degree in Sports Science from the University of NSW, a Graduate Certificate of business management from Griffith University and is currently studying MBA with Griffith university.

First hospo (hospitality) job? Cook at Homestead Chicken Express, Sydney.

Why hospo? Why not?

Why ACS? To create the best catering service in Queensland.

Favorite food to enjoy? Beef carpaccio salad.

Secret skill or talent? I’m also the office IT guy (apparently)

Nathalie Sando

Corporate Sales Manager

First hospo (hospitality) job? Waitress/kitchen hand at a Café, Townsville.

Why hospo? The love of food has been with me my whole life and there is nothing more rewarding when seeing the happy face that food makes.

Why ACS? I met Chris and the team as a client of ACS. As I got to know him better I could see his passion for ACS. This made my decision to work for him very easy.

Favorite food to enjoy? Anything Italian.

Secret skill or talent? Playing darts.

Kris Iwaniuk

Operations Manager

First hospo (hospitality) job? Kitchen hand at Holmes place, Barbician, London, UK.

Why hospo? Every day is different.

Why ACS? It’s a cohesive team with a combined vast knowledge of the catering and hospitality industry.

Favorite food to enjoy? Steak, chips and salad!

Secret skill or talent? Playing flamenco guitar.

Staum Jeffries

BCCC Account Manager

First hospo (hospitality) job? Trainee cook when I was 17 in Beenleigh

Why hospo? I love the challenges of working in an industry that is always evolving in food & service.

Why ACS? Offsite catering is in my blood, when I met Chris and the ACS team I knew I wanted to work in a business that has growth and works incredibly hard to deliver the best events in Brisbane.

Favorite food to enjoy? Beef stroganoff is a favourite at the moment

Secret skill or talent? I’m not sure if being the loudest voice is a secret talent! At least everyone can hear me!

Ben Maiden

Kitchen Manager

First hospo (hospitality) job? Apprentice chef at a local pizza restaurant

Why hospo? No idea, but I love it!

Why ACS? I heard great things about Chris and his team. It was also time for a new environment & challenge.

Favorite food to enjoy? Mexican

Secret skill or talent? Master of sarcasm

Kat Cusack

Head Chef - Corporate

First hospo (hospitality) job?

Why hospo? 

Why ACS? 

Favorite food to enjoy?

Secret skill or talent?

Cameron Maiden

Head Chef - Events

First hospo (hospitality) job?

Why hospo? 

Why ACS? 

Favorite food to enjoy?

Secret skill or talent?

Alana Chittick

QSNC Venue Manager

First hospo (hospitality) job?

Why hospo? 

Why ACS? 

Favourite food to enjoy? Japanese

Secret skill or talent? Getting broken corks out of wine