Delivering amazing dining experiences on a large scale


Drawing on our extensive experience is a key factor behind our growth & success in the food service space. Our diverse team has the ability to tailor solutions to each individual client and deliver on our promises at every event.


World Science Festival 2018

Event name: World Science Festival 2018

Event date: 22nd March 2018 – 25th March 2018

Venue: South Bank Cultural Forecourt

Attendance: 3,620 over 4 days

Challenges: Impending weather in outdoor venue

Catering solution: Daily breakfast, bar service & retail food offering

Highlights: Location, Location, Location!

GC2018 Commonwealth Games

Event name: GC2018 Commonwealth Games

Event date: 19th March 2018 – 15th April 2018

Venue: 40 locations

Attendance: 57,000 meals over 4 weeks

Challenges: Security40 locations & traffic

Catering solution: Morning tea, lunch & dinner packs for the security & transport workforce.

Highlights: Almost 60,000 meals without a single negative feedback.

Clients thoughts:  The positive feedback we received from our drivers and staff in respect to the quality and variety of the meals was a credit to the ACS team. To deliver such a large quantity of meals of such a standard across 40 locations was a remarkable achievement” Matthew Joyce, Executive Director Games Linq

Beef Week 2018

Event name: Beef Australia 2018

Event date: 6th May 2018 – 12th May 2018

Venue: Rockhampton Showgrounds

Attendance: 100,000

Challenges: Taking 22 core team members from Brisbane + 70 locals to make it happen.

Catering solution: Ranging from 3-6 course dinner & lunches, cocktail and conference style events.

Highlights: 1200 desserts served in 22 minutes.

Clients thoughts: “The feedback was amazing especially with regards to the catering and I can personally say their food and service was first class” Denis Cox, CEO Beef Australia

Bridge to Brisbane 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018

Event name: Bridge to Brisbane 2017

Event date: 27th August 2017

Venue: South Bank Piazza

Attendance: 2,095

Challenges: Open air venue serving hot food.

Catering solution: Buffet breakfast w/ espresso coffee.

Highlights: Successfully fed over 2000 runners in 3hrs.